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Video 411 --- Cara More
Length:  39 minutes


Cara is our very cute local model who has made five videos for us. This is number four. Part One is for our lovers of bare feet and bare legs. Cara cranks the 49 Ford until it finally starts. She then does some revving. In Part Two, I took Cara to our storage lot to see if the 63 Valiant would start. She pumped and cranked in black RH&T stockings until the car started. She then drove around the lot until the Valiant stalled. Unfortunately, she flooded the engine, and the car was very hard to get started again. Cara then drove to one of our parking areas where she flooded the car on purpose. In Part Three, Cara cranked the Volvo until it finally started, taking a break to tease you with her stockings. After the Volvo started, Cara did some revving.